Apex Legends

is a massive multiplayer game in a genre called "Battle Royale". A gamemode that has been around for some years now, but really started to boom with the game Fortnite. Battle Royale games pit a very larg number of people to play against each other in an gradually shrinking map.

When it comes to Apex Legends, teams start the game from a shared position by choosing points on the island. The teams start with zero, collecting gear and taking down other trios to find out which team wins.

Even though the marketing strategy applied by Respawn in the case of Apex Legends was very much different from what is traditionally done, still, the game had an explosive opening week. In the case of Apex Legends, no hype was created before its release, and Respawn kept development of this title a secret. The news of the development of Apex Legends was leaked just days before its release. For the marketing of the game, Respawn got some Twitch influencers and started a short, fast social campaign. This tactic worked and the campaign was a success.

apex legends champions