Apex Legends is conquering the world

apex legends
Apex Legends gets a first true content update!
20 February 2019
apex legends


Apex Legends is a massive multiplayer game in a genre called "Battle Royale". A gamemode that has been around for some years now, but really started to boom with the game Fortnite. Battle Royale games pit a very larg number of people to play against each other in an gradually shrinking map.

What about the game itself?


The game pairs you in a team comprising three persons. The team, which sticks close together with a minimum of dysfunction gets rewarded.


As the use of a mic is not important for playing, Apex Legends, this means you can stay away from the toxic online culture and foul language. Toxic voice interactions are one of the major restrictions to online gaming.

Therefore, Apex Legends has come up with a ping system. Ping system is an inventive technique, which lets players skip the necessity for a lot of voice communication. Owing to this system, players can emphasis on an object and highlight it for their team. At this point, their hero voices an appropriate line of dialogue.


Although there is not much violence in the game, it is not a cartoon either. However, if you want your children to play this game or not, depends totally on your discretion.


As the ping system eliminates a lot of need for voice chat, as, a result people seldom experience any kind of hostility.

Looks like a grown-up game - In Apex Legends, the world looks a little more realistic and lived in. In the game, you won’t find the enormous, bulky titans and their pilots’ wall-running abilities.


The game is free to play. Apex Legends makes money by selling Apex Coins, a kind of in-game currency that players purchase with real money. The coins can be used to unlock items and heroes.


The game is all about survival and teamwork. Each team member is required to pick one of the eight pre-defined heroes. These heroes have different powers - some are combat medics, while, some call in bombings or help co-players with protective shields.

In the start, the teams don’t have any gear or arms and start from a central drop ship passing above the same island. The teams come to an agreement on their landing site and the game starts.

For a frantic experience, players go where everybody else is going. Portions of the map recognized for high-tier items are jam-packed at the start, with the first ones to get weapons usually destroying 10% of the players. For players who want to take it slow and collect items, getting in a part of the map that is not too popular gives time for slower collection of stuff and a more guerrilla-style campaign.

The island has high hills, uninhibited military installations and fishing villages, each of which attracts different styles of gameplay. Every few minutes, a gradually folding ring constricts the land you can cross; as the players start dying, the remaining gradually get closer to each other.

If you get into an extremely populated area, games can last a few seconds, and if you survive until the end, the game can last up to 15 minutes.

Moreover, the players have the power to bring back their dead teammates. If you are floored by enemy fire, a teammate can save your tag and take you to a “Respawn point,” at which point you are back in the game. This inspires teamwork, as players need to go out of their way to save the other one; however, this gets the trio back at full strength.

Moreover, the team-based facet means that you can even play with the people you know. With Apex Legends, you can have playing sessions with your friends and even kids. It is actually cool to run across the island together, calling out when we spot camps of enemies or trying to find a better suit of armor for one another. However, in order to team up with a family member, you will require a second Xbox, PlayStation 4 or PC, as there is no split-screen option.

So, don’t wait any longer and start your game now!