Apex Legends gets a first true content update!

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19 February 2019
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Apex Legends gets a first true content update!

It is the first time since the gigantic release from the beginning of this month that Apex gets a true content update. Today, the most popular battle royale-game will receive a new gun that, based on the teaser below, will completely displace the game.

If you are running through King's Canyon as a seasoned Apex player then there will be two weapons that you regularly leave for the Longbow or Spitfire, for example. I am talking about the Triple Take and Devotion, the only two weapons in the game that use the energy ammo (green boxes). That is likely to change.

Developer Respawn Entertainment reveals a new weapon, which will be added to the game today. The caption 'Get ready to cry havoc-a new gun is coming to King's Canyon' probably even reveals the name. I predict that the weapon will be called 'Havoc'.

The teaser is intentionally left pixelated, adding a lot of mystery to the arrival of the new weapon. On the other hand, they do not fool me: it is finally a new energy weapon that finally makes the under-represented class somewhat more relevant. At least, that is evident from the second part of the clip, in which a shot is charged and a blue lazer is fired. The first piece of the teaser is a bit more mysterious, because the weapon seems to fire ordinary bullets.

In the following cinematic trailer, Pathfinder can be seen briefly! There the gun clearly shoots energy rays.

It would in any case be very smart of Respawn to add a new energy weapon, because the class is currently underrepresented criminally. Of the 19 weapons are therefore only the Triple Take and the Devotion weapons that use the green energy-bullets. It is therefore difficult to find ammunition for those guns at the moment.

Those two weapons are pretty moderate anyway, because the Triple Take fires three bullets, which as a sniper means that on long distances you often miss 2 of the 3 bullets. The Devotion is a very powerful LMG but the weapon loads, as it were. The first few shots follow each other reasonably slowly and only when the weapon starts to warm up, the fire rate is acceptable. Both weapons need an epic attachment to make them really useful.

In short, the Havoc will be a nice addition to the assault rifle segment and will at least get a rechargeable energy shot. There is speculation about a possible duo-caliber weapon, which would probably mean a combination of light and energy ammunition. We see it today!