Don’t cheat in Apex Legends

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22 February 2019
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2 April 2019
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Don't dare to cheat in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is now a good month out and the game is very popular. There are now more than 50 million players. Competitor Fortnite is now making extraordinary boxing jumps, but the Apex community is very enthusiastic and active. Unfortunately, that also results in less pleasant sides.

A number of users have deliberately cheated. This is not only annoying for the honest players, but also a double financial problem for Respawn Games as a maker. Cheaters will probably want to buy less paid features. Frustrated and honest players will also stop faster and therefore no longer become a customer. It is therefore the creators' best interests to catch cheaters.

In the meantime, after a previous campaign involving the banning of 16,000 players, a much larger campaign has now been carried out. No fewer than 355,000 cheating users have been stopped by the makers. If they want to play the game again they will have to get started technically. Apex Legends immediately distributes a hardware IP lock. This means that you can no longer use the same computer unless you are running a hardware spoof.

In addition, Apex Legends has developed a tool with which it can easily detect cheaters on the computer. This tool does not yet work for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hardly any users of these platforms are caught. This can change soon. The maker is actually working on a possibility whereby other players can register the cheaters on the site more easily. After this, appropriate action will be taken.