So many new things in Apex Legends

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13 March 2019
apex legends

So many new things...

All Apex Legends players who thought we were just as sweet with the new content (Octane and the battle pass) in the next month and a half are wrong. A Reddit user named FrozenFroh has put together all the teased, leaked and on the other hand uncovered information about upcoming updates for this season. And man, what a lot of cool shit is coming to the game.


Let's start calmly: Thunderdome is being adjusted. Yes, this tough Mad Max reference is a bit scanty at the moment. The old stadium, located on the southwestern edge of the map, is a bit moderate at the moment. The area spawns very good shoots, but is a bit confusing due to all the crazy firecrackers, hanging cages and strange constructions. The location will probably be fully expanded soon.

New weapon

In the trailer below for this season we also got a sneak peek of the new weapon, the new Legend and new monsters. Okay, we are also tackling that systematically. The new weapon, the L-Star, becomes an energy weapon that shoots legendary ammo. That means that the weapon can only be found in drops. The gun can be seen briefly in the trailer (0:30); a character on the roof shoots red lazers down.

New Legend

You read that right, there will also be a new Legend for this season. Although we thought Octane was the only Legend we could try this season, several leaks confirm that Wattson is coming this season. Her abilities were already leaked, and hints at a character who uses traps (such as Caustic).

In this case it appears to be a power drop. Her passive is probably the passive charging of her shield, similar to the healing passive of Octane. At least that is my interpretation; her Tactical ability can probably charge one shield cell at a time. On the other hand, it could be an offensive ability; an EMP that (like the Arc Star grenade) destroys or temporarily disables shields.

Monsters are coming!

The last thing we can expect this season from Apex's monster. Yes, those gigantic dinosaur-like things that run in the distance? They are probably coming to the island. The location of the so-called Leviathans is likely to be random and may even crush players who come close to them with their legs.

Flying creatures will also be introduced into the game (also briefly shown in the trailer (0:30). The so-called Flyers are medium-sized dragon-bird hybrids that can potentially harm players, adding a second PvE (player vs environment) mechanics to the game, for example, you might have to be careful that the beasts don't attack you, because you have to shoot them down, which betrays the location of your team.

Especially this latest news is very interesting, because instead of data mining, leaks and other shady ways to find out this information, the community all used promotional material and the underlying story (via Titanfall, the game from Respawn who introduced this universe) to find out the new gameplay implications.

For example, several Repulsors were destroyed in Titanfall. What is a repulsor? Well, the location on the map is called repulsor and there is basically a giant antenna. This antenna transmits sound waves to keep the prehistoric beings at a distance. The tower is likely to be destroyed sometime this season, which may bring the monsters slowly closer.