2 April 2019
apex legends

So many new things in Apex Legends

So many new things… All Apex Legends players who thought we were just as sweet with the new content (Octane and the battle pass) in the next month and a half are wrong. A Reddit user named FrozenFroh has put together all the teased, leaked and on the other hand uncovered information about upcoming updates for this season. And man, what a lot of cool shit is coming to the game. Thunderdome Let’s start calmly: Thunderdome is being adjusted. Yes, this tough Mad Max reference is a bit scanty at the moment. The old stadium, located on the southwestern edge […]
13 March 2019
apex legends

Don’t cheat in Apex Legends

Don’t dare to cheat in Apex Legends Apex Legends is now a good month out and the game is very popular. There are now more than 50 million players. Competitor Fortnite is now making extraordinary boxing jumps, but the Apex community is very enthusiastic and active. Unfortunately, that also results in less pleasant sides. A number of users have deliberately cheated. This is not only annoying for the honest players, but also a double financial problem for Respawn Games as a maker. Cheaters will probably want to buy less paid features. Frustrated and honest players will also stop faster and […]
22 February 2019
apex legends

The soundtrack of Apex Legends is now available!

The soundtrack of Apex Legends is now available digitally on iTunes and Apple Music. Composer Stephen Baron is responsible for the music in this free Battle Royale game. He previously also provided the soundtrack for games like Titanfall, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. So what are you still waiting for?!
21 February 2019
apex legends

Will Apex Legends defeat reigning king ‘Fortnite’?

Will Apex Legends defeat reigning king ‘Fortnite’? The immensely popular ‘Fortnite’ did not seemed unstoppable, but suddenly there was ‘Apex Legends’ in early February. This game – which is very similar to Fortnite – won 25 million players within a week and seems to be a serious competitor. With 200 million registered players, nearly 80 million of whom play regularly, Forntnite is the most popular game of the moment. Conversations about ‘skins’ dominate the schoolyard and even parents are swept along in talk about V-bucks, Victory Royale and Ninja. But now Apex Legends seems to be a threat.
20 February 2019
apex legends

Apex Legends gets a first true content update!

Apex Legends gets a first true content update! It is the first time since the gigantic release from the beginning of this month that Apex gets a true content update. Today, the most popular battle royale-game will receive a new gun that, based on the teaser below, will completely displace the game. If you are running through King’s Canyon as a seasoned Apex player then there will be two weapons that you regularly leave for the Longbow or Spitfire, for example. I am talking about the Triple Take and Devotion, the only two weapons in the game that use the […]
19 February 2019
apex legends

Apex Legends is conquering the world

Apex Legends is conquering the world! Apex Legends is a massive multiplayer game in a genre called “Battle Royale”. A gamemode that has been around for some years now, but really started to boom with the game Fortnite. Battle Royale games pit a very larg number of people to play against each other in an gradually shrinking map. What about the game itself? TEAM-BASED The game pairs you in a team comprising three persons. The team, which sticks close together with a minimum of dysfunction gets rewarded. USE OF A MIC IS NOT NECESSARY As the use of a mic […]